Women's Footcare

Heel pain are more common in menopausal women. Symptoms of the pain are very similar to plantar fasciitis which may be related to a change in hormone levels that thin the fat layer of the sole.
Wearing unsupportive footwear such as high heels, flats, or flip flops has also been said to increase the amount of heel pain in women.

Another common pathology seen among middle-age women is osteoarthritis (joint degeneration), which is correlated to a hormonal changes.

At Nedlands Health Clinic, Dr. Justin will conduct a full musculoskeletal assessment of the low extremity, provide a comprehensive and multi-modal treatment plan with the use of:
i) Painless Laser

ii) Ultrasound

iii) Strapping/ Taping

iv) Myofascial Release

v) Orthotics

Besides, our multi-disciplinary team includes professional massage therapists and acupuncturists collaborate to provide the best pain relief options.

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